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Seen you years ago in Cumberland md then at Romney wv. listen to your cd's all the time . Love your music ! hope to be able to catch A show this year !
God danced, my new happy birthday song. What a joyous song to celebrate each other. Thank you!
Several thanks, I get pleasure from this!. Helpful postings, Kudos.
Looking for a song you did by a local Maryland band. The song was called tickle. looking for any info...
E-bay- O you know, we can relate O !
Delightful. Your joyful energy is contagious!
Dear Hot Soup Trio, Thank you for the most delightful, enjoyable evening in recent memory, last night in Virginia Beach. Bravo to all of you! The added treat was to get to speak to each of you individually, during the break and after the show. I was overwhelmed by your talents and your graciousness to your fans. I send best wishes to all you for a wonderful New Year. I'm definitely a Hot Souper, now. Sincerely, John Dukes (dukesj2@aol.com) (Senior man with the little black hat)
Come back to Northern Virginia!!
Anybody live in Annapolis? 21401 or 21403 zip? If so, interested in doing a little profile of the group and advance for 333 Coffeehouse gig on Aug. 17 in new venue for local newspaper The Capital. Contact me via email or 410-757-6874. Thanks!
first heard your song "God Danced The Day You Were Born" on Saturday 5/12/12 at our friends funeral (Bruce Kendall) in Mayo, Maryland. Fell in love with your style. His wife, the wonderful person she is, played this song from your cd, as she proceded to her seat for his service. She wore the most beautiful hat as well in rememberance of her best friend and husband. It was the best celebration of a persons life and it began in the church with your music. He was escorted to the church with the Patriot Warriors on their harleys. I do like your style.And so did Bruce and Valerie.
November 23, 2011 Hey HOT SOUP! Well today is my sweetie's birthday, and I was googling the lyrics to "God Danced ..." and discovered you on youtube. Just like that you have a couple of new fans here on the west coast. Already have purchased two of your CDs via iTunes. Thanks for your spirited music. Happy Holidays!
December 31, 2011 My husband and I loved your show at first Night in Williamsburg! Wonderful blend of talented ladies! Have you produced a DVD of the "fred" song yet? I would like one for my grandson, just want him to see the whole production of the song! Many thanks, E Harrell
Happy 15th Anniversary! :o)
Yes, we are overdue for another CD! We were all busy with solo projects in the last couple years. We plan on recording in 2011! Thanks for asking! ;) Warmly* Hot Soup!
what's up hot soup. what about next year 2011 cd.
Bought one of your CD and I'm back for MORE!!! Great entertainers great harmony...great humor!!!
I really like the new website! It's even better than the old one. And the video is SOUPer!
You were fantastic last night at the Birchmere. Couldn't have enjoyed your music more thank you!!
This website is in development...but it's coming along ;) I hope many will come to enjoy it!! xoxo*